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Ownership Explained
Horse & AFSL
  • What is ownership with BTX?

    BTX allows you to purchase real ownership of racehorses with Australia’s leading trainers for an affordable one-time price with no ongoing fees.

    Owning with BTX Racing means you gain access to trainer reports and insider content on the BTX App, unforgettable race day experiences, and lots more.

  • When will I receive my prizemoney with BTX?

    Following final prize money being declared, you will be able to see your pending prizemoney from your Wallet in your BTX app. At the next payment cycle (communicated in app) you will be able to elect to withdraw to your elected BSB and Account number or transfer your prizemoney to be used as in app credits.

    You will be notified in the app and via email to make your decision as to whether to withdraw or transfer.

    BTX is required to pay out prizemoney at a minimum of annually. BTX will aim to do this on a more frequent basis such as every month. It’s important to note that income and/or capital distributions may be made after the end of the Expiry Period. For more information on this topic, please refer to Section 3.7 (What happens at the end of the Investment Period?) in the PDS.

  • Am I a real horse owner?

    Absolutely you are! When you purchase ownership in a horse through BTX Racing, you become an owner of that horse. That means real prize money and exclusive owner benefits, such as the right to owners day tickets.

    When you become an owner with BTX Racing, you are now part of the owner journey. We’ll take you behind the gates and onto the tracks, whether its the first time your horse jumps out of the gates or its first race win, you’ll be a part of the journey at each step.

  • How much of the horse do I own?

    The number of Ownerships available in each horse will vary. It will always be displayed within the profile of each horse, whether you are on a desktop or on our app.

    The minimum number of ownerships you can purchase is one and the maximum is only limited by the total number of ownerships on offer for that horse.

  • Is BTX Regulated?

    We sure are! BTX Racing is a trusted corporation, regulated by ASIC and Racing Regulators. BTX is an approved promoter of a managed investment scheme, enabling customers to purchase interests in race horses owned by the scheme.

    All BTX Racing ownership interests are promoted under, and, comply with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) laws and regulations to give you extra confidence that your ownership is secure. The Constitution and Compliance Plan which detail how our scheme will be operated and monitored, have been lodged with ASIC.

  • How are the horses priced?

    Our ownership model is built around one upfront payment with no ongoing fees. Costs are shared evenly across all BTX Owners within that horse or pack of horses. The costs of ownership include (but are not limited to), horse acquisition costs, training costs, insurance costs, race nominations and ongoing administration costs.

    Unused funds are returned to owners at the end of the ownership period if they remain unused. You will always have access to the full Product Disclosure Statement.

  • Does BTX Racing take care of their horses?

    Absolutely! We are commited to ensuring the welfare of our horses. Through our horse welfare initiative, Horse Beyond the Course, every ownership token purchased on the BTX Platform contributes a minimum of $2.5 towards a horse-by-horse superannuation fund, which supports retired horses after their racing life. We believe this initiative will revolutionise horse welfare across the global equine industry, ensuring that every horse is given the care and support it deserves.

  • Can I buy from overseas?

    Our initial horses are for Australian residents only, as ownership interest in the horse is reflected as an interest in the BTX Managed Invesment Scheme. This scheme is a financial product under the Australian Corporations Act. If you are located outside of Australia don’t worry we have plans to expand overseas shortly! Please register your interest here to know first when we land in your country.

  • Who can invest?

    Any Australian Citziven over the age of 18 years, and, any entity who is eligible to be the owner of a racehorse under the Australian Rules of Racing and the Australian Stud Book Rules and Guidelines.

    A copy of the Australian Rules of Racing can be obtained from the Racing Australia Limited website or app http://www.racingaustralia.horse/

  • How long does my ownership interest last for?

    BTX offers a variety of ownership periods. The period of ownership will be clearly shown at the time of purchase and available for you to see at any time by clicking on the relevant horse in your BTX stable.

    Always read the PDS for each horse before purchasing.

Raceday & Prizemoney
The breakdown
  • What race day privileges do I get as an owner?

    Race day ticketing and mounting yard access is limited, however, we work closely with race clubs to accommodate as many owners as possible and run ballots to ensure you have the chance to attend the owners enclosures.

    In the lead up to your race, we will bring you insights from your trainers, and racing stable personnel to provide you with a full guide on the form of your, and other horses, within the race. Following completion of the race, we will provide you with a race debrief that covers insight into how the race was run, the performance of your horse, and during the week following the race we will provide you with updates on the condition and wellbeing of your horse.

  • When is Prizemoney Paid by the Organising Body?

    Prizemoney is typically paid out to the winning horse’s connections within a few days of the race, sometimes longer. This is done to ensure that the prizemoney is distributed fairly and that there is no delay in paying out winnings to the winning connections.

  • How much prizemoney will I receive?

    Ownerships on the BTX platform can range from 0.01% to 2.5% shares (coming soon). When you purchase a horse in the BTX marketplace, the ownership percentage will be clearly displayed. If you own 0.01% of a horse, you will receive 0.01% of Net Prize money of the prize money your horse wins!

  • What is Net Prize money?

    When a horse wins prize money, mandatory deductions are taken out before the remaining balance is paid to the owner. These deductions are set by the Principal Racing Authority and include fees for the trainer, jockey, and other funds such as animal welfare and insurance. The amount that’s left after these deductions is referred to as “Net Prize Money”. It’s important to note that the percentage of Net Prize Money can vary depending on the state, ranging from 81.65% to 85%. You can find more information about these deductions in Section 6.4 of the Product Disclosure Statement.

    Under the Principle Racing Authority deductions for NSW the money would be allocated as follows:

    Trainer 10%
    Jockey 5%
    Stable hand prize money scheme 2%
    Jockey insurance & welfare scheme contribution 1%
    Animal welfare fund contribution 1%
    Net Prizemoney payable to owner 82%
  • Can I meet my horses?

    Yes, you are an owner.! BTX will have organised stable visits and functions.

How It Works
The BTX App
  • The BTX Racing App

    The BTX Racing App is the central place for you to discover our availble horses, purchase racehorse ownerships, access all your owner content and lots more! It’s available on both mobile iOS and Android now. If prefered you can also purchase horse ownerships on our website. You must have the BTX Racing app to view ownership content however.

  • Setting up your Profile & Compliance

    Setting up your Profile with BTX Racing is easy!

    Mobile App:

    1. Download
    The BTX App is available on both iOS and Androi

    2. Sign up & Account Setup
    Create your account by adding your basic profile information

    3. Complete your account verification
    As we are fully regulated, users must complete the “My Account Details” section in App to be eligible to purchase ownerships with us.


    You can also create an account on our website by clicking on the top right hand corner of this page!

  • Buy

    The buy section is our marketplace where you will find all available horse ownerships. You can view our various horses profiles, promotional material as well as the required investment documents.

  • The Newsfeed

    Check out our newsfeed to see all owner updates from your trainers, the latest industry news from BTX Racing Partners, receive BTX updates and more!

    As an owner, all your owner updates will appear in your news feed. Only owners in each horse will be able to view the training content and owner updates. You are also able to see content for a specific horse you own by clicking on their profile within the “My Stable” section.

  • Your Stable

    Your Stable allows you to see everything you own in one place. As you purchase additional Ownerships you will see your stable grow.

    We also have a section within your stable titled collectibles! This is where any tokens or NFTs you either purchase through BTX or we gift you will appear. For more information on what this means visit our blog.

  • Discover

    We offer a unique discovery section, where we feature various horses and stables from around Australia. This is a place where you will be able to come and explore featured horses and trainers to learn more about the industry and unlock unique content from these providers.

    Are you a trainer, breeder, journalist or industry professional that would like to feature in our discover section? Get in touch!

Technology Explained
Blockchain & Technology
  • What is blockchain?

    Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. Virutally anything of value can be traded on a blockchain network, reducing risk and cutting costs for all involved.

  • How does BTX use blockchain?

    Your ownership interest in the BTX Managed Investment Scheme is represented as a unique token on a blockchain.

    Each token can be viewed on the blockchain as evidence of your record of ownership and we be stored in your own user-segregated cryptographic wallet, accessible through the BTX App.

    The flexibility provided by our unique digital ownership tokens will allow bTX to unlock new features and benefits that will improve your everyday ownership experience.

    We offer a number of tokens, including ownership tokens and collectibles. Stay tuned for more information on how to buy, sell and trade these tokens as the functionality is released.

  • What is a BTX ownership token?

    As Evidence of your investment into each horse ownership, BTX will issue you an ownership token which represents your ownership.

    BTX specifically issues ERC1155 Semi Fungible Tokens as ownership tokens, which are transacted on the Polygon blockchain.

    Owners can view their transactions on the blockchain all from the BTX mobile app. We make the process of purchasing tokens simple, revolutionising the customer experience in this space.

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BTX Managed Investment Horse Scheme No 1 (ASRN 658 585 589), promoted by BTX Racing Pty Ltd Investments of this nature are speculative. Refer to the relevant PDS before investing.