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Stayers Pack

Ahab (NZ)
Diamondiferous (NZ)
Jiffy (NZ)
Joffrey (NZ)


$125 | 0.01% SHARE
  • sire Justify
  • dam Now Now
  • sex Filly
  • place of birth Australia


$75 | 0.01% SHARE
  • sire Smart Missile
  • dam Chloe's Comet
  • sex Filly
  • place of birth Australia


Looking for an easy way to own a racehorse? With BTX Racing, you can purchase shares for as little as $75 and join us on an exclusive journey behind the gates and onto the tracks. Gain access to trainer reports and insider content, as well as unforgettable race day experiences. Click the video below to hear why Melbourne Cup-winning Ciaron Maher likes BTX Racing!


At BTX Racing, we’re proud to partner with some of Australia’s top racehorse trainers, as well as passionate and respected professionals and organisations throughout the industry.

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23 February 2024

The Pivotal Weaning Stage: Shaping Future Champions in Horse Racing

Discover the critical importance of the weaning process in racehorse. Learn how this delicate stage influences future champions by fostering physical growth, independence, and socialisation. Our insight explores the benefits, challenges, and expert care involved in transitioning our 2023 foals from dependence to readiness for the rigours of racing.

11 February 2024

The Australian Racing Landscape

Explore the dynamic evolution of Australian horse racing with BTX Racing, from the early days of the nation's first race meetings to the thrilling heights of today's multimillion-dollar races. Discover how technological advancements and a culture rich in equine passion have shaped an industry that's as vibrant as it is competitive. Dive into the legacy of legendary horses and the bright future of ownership that BTX Racing is pioneering.

9 February 2024

BTX Racing Friday Wrap-Up: Kettle Hill's Triumph, Ahab Set to Debut, Reasonable Ready to Race and a Special New Ownership Opportunity!

Dive into a thrilling week with BTX Racing: Celebrate Kettle Hill's victory, anticipate Ahab's debut at Ararat, and explore the Race for RULE initiative. Don't miss the chance to be part of our journey towards triumph on the track and making a difference off it.

2 February 2024

Friday Wrap: Bong Bong Opportunity Presents for Ciaron Maher Racing Owners, while Jon Bon and Kettle Hill return to the track!

In this week's Friday Wrap we have a lot to talk about! From two BTX runners this weekend, a special opportunity to visit Bong Bong Farm and our horses soon to be hitting the track. Keep reading for all the latest!

19 January 2024

Ratings, Weights and Grades

Ratings, weights, and grades are pivotal in the world of horse racing, serving as essential tools to gauge the performance and potential of thoroughbreds. In this article, we break down the key elements of ratings, weights, and grades. Whether you're a racing enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, this guide offers valuable insights into the factors that make horse racing a thrilling spectacle.